Pangdemonium – The Effect

It was my first ever theatrical experience, watching a theatre performace by Pangdemonium and it was awesome. me and my friend, nad went to watch it for a school project that we had to work on together, and i would say, it was truly a wonderful experience, as I was intrigued with the actors getting into character, and kudos to having Adrian Pang starred in the play. watching a live theatre is so much more different from watching one on television, because you’re watching the actors act right in front of you, live. it was held at the Victoria Concert Hall, and the whole cast did a great job as i, the audience, literally felt like i was watching something so real, happening right in front of me, as if i was part of the play. and i really liked the idea that The Effect was based on Mental disorder, Depression and romance, a non cliche love story with such a plot twist. it was definitely worth $43 SGD, and i would definitely watch another one of their productions again in the near future. truly an eye opening experience!

Here’s a picture of me and nad, that we took after the play endedunnamed

Here’s a picture of how the set/stage looks like, pretty futuristic looking and interesting, isn’t it? unnamed-1


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